No Limits last giveaway for 2013

Click on the following video to see No Limits last giveaway for 2013. It’s a good one!

List your answer below for your chance to win a free entry into the Ironman Calgary 70.3

Happy Training!
Coach Todd


8 responses to “No Limits last giveaway for 2013

  1. Hi Todd: If I crossed the finish line at the Calgary 70.3 it would be a mindbender. Finishing a 70.3 would make me think I hang around with Rob Ford.

  2. Bill H.
    Todd I would be amazed if I was able to cross the finish line.

  3. Hi Todd, if I cross the finish line, I would wonder if Linda Bruce will cross it as well. She was mayor of Airdrie and volunteered for everything that makes a difference, including this triathlon… a real personification of things that inspire me to become a better person and to train for challenges like this awesome 70.3.

  4. Hi Todd! If I cross the finish line of 70.3 it would be amazing as my running is really improved since I started the Strides running streak in December! (I kinda like running now…) I would love to race in your area too! Love Auburn Bay! Love half ironman distance too! Thanks for offering this prize! Merry Christmas!

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