Coach Todd’s Ironman race report

Finish 1

Instead of writing a race report I made a video.  Check it out below.  I hope you like it!



11 responses to “Coach Todd’s Ironman race report

  1. Nice report! Proof is in here that tri-geeks should not dance!;-/?

  2. Yes we have great rhythm swimming but not grooving. 🙂

  3. Really enjoyed the video. Wish I have a chance to catch up with you guys prior-race, looks like you had a blast:)

  4. Thanks Caitlin. We did have a blast. Next time I hope you can spend more time with us. You had a fantastic first Ironman! Congrats.

  5. The four of you dancing down the red carpet was the highlight! Loved that race report. Congrats guys!

  6. I had race-day anxiety just watching the video. I love living vicariously through you brave souls!

  7. It was probably the dancing that gave you the most anxiety. 🙂

    Not Necessary in an Ironman (thank goodness)

  8. I loved the Todd and Mike triathlon adventure! Race report as video had dancing (you can’t capture that in writing)! Great energy and loved to see the progress in training up to race day. Congrats in finishing your 10th IM!

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