Canada’s Obesity Rate is Near 25%

I just read an article in the Calgary Herald titled Bulging obesity rate hits Alberta.
Calgary Herald 2

More than one in four severely overweight!

This number may be due to sedentary work, fast food and social media.

I think that this number is way too high and I would love to see it fall rather than rise over the next few years.
Below is a quick video talking about this high number and what I am doing today to measure what I am eating.

Please post your comments below as I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Please post your comments below as I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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6 responses to “Canada’s Obesity Rate is Near 25%

  1. There are many contributing factors to obesity. I firmly believe that the food product industry has a large responsibility. Food products are marketed and labeled as food when many contain little more than filler an get away with heart smart labels. I believe that if people shopped the edges rather than the ailses of grocery stores you would see the collective weight of the country decrease.

  2. I saw that headline too and was saddened too. I agree with Linda – People are so drawn to marketing “low-fat” labels but don’t take the time to read the labels for added sugars and fillers. Healthy fats, veggies and protein should be incorporated every meal. Many jobs are sedentary and with the attraction of programmed PVR’d shows and so much fun info on the internet (I confess, I am victim to this), people view this as their down-time at home after sitting all day at work. Sedentary parents are seen as role models to their kids as well. So few families go out for regular walks, hikes or bike rides anymore. Even family swims at the public pool has kids playing in the pool and mom or dad on the side fully dressed looking at their iPhone. Very sad.

  3. Good comments ladies I am proud to say that I know you are both leading healthy and active lives and are role models to your kids and MANY other ladies. Keep it up!

  4. I know with my family we’ve started to incorporate more activities. My husband embarked on a running program 3 years ago when he was 64. However, our 11 year old is extremely sedentary and can play video games all day and into the evening if I let him. I do walk and bike with him in the summer, but am making an effort to get him more active in the winter by finding activities he enjoys. I work in Health Care and we see patients daily who want a magic pill to make them thin, to stop smoking, and exercise equipment that doesn’t require any effort but burns tons of calories. Our children are set to have a shorter life span than we are, and that is extremely sad. We need to encourage schools to incorporate more physical activity in the schools, even at the middle and high school level. We need to encourage parents to let their kids walk to school instead of driving them. We need to encourage families to be active together. The pendulum has swung too far the other way. I’m hopeful it’s not too late for this generation.

  5. Well said Gerrie. I also hope it’s not too late.

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