The Next No Limits Giveaway

For the next No Limits giveaway I am going to give away 2 things.

1) An Entry into Joe’s Team Triathlon (June 15)   and 2) An Xterra Backpack

xterra 2

Entry and Backpack

Joe’s Team triathlon is a very special race.

This was the dream of Joe Finley who was fighting cancer to help others experience the magical feeling of competing in a triathlon.

To learn more about the race please watch the following videos. I was very fortunate to be able to compete in the first Joe’s Team race and it was very special for me as my boys were there to cheer me on as I was first out of the lake and across the finish line. Looking back we had just a great all around day.

Now in order to be entered into the draw you will need to do the following:

I want you to tell me who inspires you to race or who inspires you to keep going during your training days when you really want to quit. We all have those moments.

My Dad is my inspiration for many races and hard training days.  He had a stroke on his 54 birthday that changed his life.  When I feel like quitting or giving up I think of him and somehow I can find that extra gear.

Who inspires you?

Just like last contest I will grant you 10 entries into the contest if you submit a video (YouTube) telling me about your inspiration.  You enter by making a comment on this post or on the No Limits FaceBook Page

Draw Date will be March 16.

Good Luck and Happy Training!
Coach Todd


6 responses to “The Next No Limits Giveaway

  1. This is great contest! I am inspired by so many people. That inspiration comes from both the negative and positive events in life. Like you, my Dad had a stroke when he was 55 and then passed away at 59 from another stroke. My Mom died at 61 from cancer. I am 51 and I have no intentions of following suit. I come to triathlon later in life and wish I was 20 and starting down this road. Since I can’t go back in time I know that I want to make the most of what my body has to offer. Just like you say…I am testing the waters to see if I have No Limits.
    What has been very exciting to me is that my 14 year old has decided to start exploring triathlon with me this summer. It is his idea with no pressure from me. This inspires me to work even harder.
    I am also inspired by people I have never met. These are the people who decide to enter races (running or tri) to lose weight or change their health. These are the people who have physical ailments that really challenge their LIMITS. These are the people who are 20 years older than me and have pushed their LIMITS beyond anything I have done (yet!). Everyday I am INSPIRED!

    Thanks for this!!!!!

  2. Great post Linda. I am inspired.

  3. Here is Janine’s entry!

    Great work Janine!

  4. My inspiration as I train for Ironman Los Cabos is clearly my son’s girlfriend , Kayla and Kayla’s mother Shannon. Shannon beat cancer 12 years ago but the disease came back in the fall of 2102 now in her lungs and bones. If that isn’t enough Kayla at the age of 15 was diagnosed with brain cancer in November 2012. Kayla has undergone 3 surgeries in 3 weeks and now is fully immersed in chemo and radiation treatment. When I am tired thru a long training session I remember the struggles Kayla and Shannon live everyday and instantly find a surge of energy. The courage, strenth and positivity these outstanding women provide is truly amazing. Hence I am inspired to raise money for this family thru my ironman/half ironman 2013 ice season. Please see the website and also read Shannons blog and you will find incredible inspiration. The website is Great topic Todd!!!.

  5. Great comment Kevin. Yes most of us have it so good. Really little to complain compared to others. Thanks for posting Kevin and I hope both Mom and Daughter are able to fight this!

  6. Here is Karen’s inspirational video

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