Win a free Entry in a event!

Next Giveaway:

No Limits is giving away a free entry into a multisportscanada event.

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Your choice of either the Tri-It race or Chaparral. All you have to do is tell me your favorite triathlon workout.

Post below or on YouTube or FaceBook.

If you post a video of yourself doing your favorite workout I will give you 10 entries into the draw.

If you would like to learn more about how to train for triathlon using your TRX send me a note. It really is an amazing training tool.

Good Luck and Happy Training!
Coach Todd


22 responses to “Win a free Entry in a event!

  1. Becky Heemeryck

    Nice giveaway!! My fav workout right now is actually swimming drills- I like this part of the season where I get to fine tune the little things I do wrong! Love the TRX- great little tool.

    • Becky if you could pick one swim drill to be your favorite. What would it be?

      • Well, the one arm drill is up there, as I feel like it’s finally starting to help even out my stroke, but I also have discovered sculling drills- I used to think they were so boring, but they are really quite challenging, and take more focus and strength that I used to give them credit for. Love the learning process!!

  2. I can’t pick my top workout! I have 3 things that keep me injury free:
    1) lots of band work that keeps my hips strong. Without this I get a bad case of Runner Knee
    2) Plank, sew the needle plank, plank with pushups, plank with knee/elbow touch & side kick…you get the picture. AND (last but NOT least)…
    3) YOGA! YOGA! YOGA!

  3. I like the computrainer rides. Good workout, music, others working out with you, simulates outside but always good weather, and NO wind!

  4. I love a neighbourhood run and mixing it up with stairs, hills and playground equipment exercises to keep it interesting!

  5. The locomotion swim workout. 3 x 500M swim pull swim. First length do one stroke fast. With each length add another fast stroke so you will be increasing your speed and effort every length. Fun workout but I always get that song stuck in my head!

  6. see my you tube video of my favourite cross training workout !

  7. a LSD run on a beautiful spring day. Anyother day – a short, hard run or a strength curcut:)

  8. I am a spin junkie. I enjoy my 2hr spin class Sat mornings. After that, I enjoy swimming with Todd on Thurs evenings…I must really love it to drive from Airdrie to do it.

  9. Track training, it is horrible and I want to throw up whenever I do it but I know it will pay off on race days.

  10. My favorite triathlon workout is anything OUTSIDE. In the winter…trail running or skate skiing at the Canmore Nordic Centre. I love snow (sorry snow haters)!! Spring, Summer and Fall – love to get in a great 2-3 hour hilly road ride in!

  11. Fartleks.. Now that I can’ t do it, I miss it a lot ..
    I also like my 5×400 day in the pool …

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