How to inflate your tires using C02

During my last giveaway many of you indicated that you would like to learn how to use C02 when inflating your tire.

Here is a quick video to show you how.


Some important notes:
1) Make sure you read the instructions on your C02 Adapter (the part that attaches to the C02 cartriidge) and know how it works before you head out on a ride. There are many different types. The one shown in the video has worked well for me in the past.

2) Make sure you carry the correct type of C02 cartridge. There are threaded and non-threaded types and what type you need is dependent on the type of C02 adapter.

3) Carry a small pump on your bike just in case something goes wrong. I typically carry 2 C02 and a pump plus my cell phone.

4) After your ride replace the air with normal air using a pump. I prefer a floor pump so I can get the correct tire pressure easily and quickly.

5) practice at home at least once so that you know how to use it.

Happy Training!
Coach Todd


4 responses to “How to inflate your tires using C02

  1. Hi Todd: A bike tech told me that you don’t really get proper pressure in your tire from the CO2 cylinders and that you should only uses them to get yourself back to ‘home base’. Thus, if you are part of the way into your ride you should abort until you can get proper inflation with a pump. Do you agree with this? Any flats I have had have been for punctures so any inflation whether CO2 or a pump are mute points.

    • Using C02 is for emergencies (flat tires) only. Not for pumping up before each ride. They will give you enough pressure to finish your race or to get home for sure. I used C02 in Ironman Canada at the 20 Km mark and the pressure held fine to the end of 180Km.

      After replacing the flat tube I generally have no problems using C02 for my long rides.

  2. The one time I tried it I blew up my spare tube, too much C02 or a pinch or something which left me with one spare and then I didn’t get enough air in my last which left me stranded. I find C02 to be a bit tricky. Maybe I’ll give it another shot this year.

    • Greg you could have had a pinch flat and you would have punctured either way. That is tough luck. I would try again for sure. I have used C02 90% of the time over my frame pump and it is way faster. Watch out though the cartridge can get very cold.

      Oh…always carry a patch kit too! 🙂 you never know.

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