Halloween Giveway – Hed Lollipop

In the spirit of Halloween I though it very appropriate to have a giveaway for some candy. Well maybe not actual candy but it sounds like candy. A Hed Lollipop can be candy for your bike. πŸ™‚

The Hed lollipop mounts to the top of your steer tube and it will allow for a position to add another water bottle in a very aerodynamic position.

To be entered into the draw all you need to do is watch the very short video below and answer the very simple questions.

Post your answers below or on Facebook or YouTube or email them to me to be entered into the draw.

To add a bit of spice how about this….if you post your comment below the actual YouTube video I will give you three entries into the draw. Remember your odds are much better than the lottery. Ask the previous winners. πŸ™‚

Draw Date November 8

Happy Training and Halloweening!
Coach Todd


17 responses to “Halloween Giveway – Hed Lollipop

  1. 1. Rockets
    2. Heed gels!

  2. My favourite “treat” at Halloween has always been Reeses Peanut Butter Cups and if I had to choose one training snack I’d go with Power Bar fruit energy bar. I’m going to step up to 70.3 next year so I’ll need the extra fluid πŸ™‚ – happy Halloween!

  3. Becky Heemeryck

    Love contests, especially for useful stuff!! Favorite Halloween treat- tootsie rolls, and my one nutrition choice if could only have one to train would be the Quaker Chewy Dipps granola bars in Caramel Nut.

    • Becky Heemeryck

      I feel like I should quantify my nutrition choice since I usually use Infinite, but you said no liquids- I can’t use gels and don’t like sports bars!!

  4. Those all sound good so far. For me I like Coffee Crisp and I would train with Hammer Gel Montana Huckleberry. Oh….I was also happy to get flavored chips πŸ™‚

    • By chips do you mean Pringles? Or chocolate chips?
      I like Rockets and Peanut butter cups, have to pick one. Rockets.
      Favorite training fuel would be strawberry/banna caffiene powerbar gels. It’s the only one I use. (If you did want liquid it would be E-Load Lemon flavour.)

  5. Okay, favourite Halloween treat is Tootsie Rolls and Mars bars. For training all year, it would not be traditional “training” treats but a good ol’ Eatmore bar. Yum!

  6. Reese Peanut Butter cups (Yum!) and Hammer Gel Montana Huckleberry.

  7. Deb
    Favorite Halloween treat is candy corn. Nutrition of choice (on my bike) is peanut butter on raisin bread. Would love love love the Hed lollipop!!

  8. I love the little O’Henry bars. Favorite training nutrition is Lara bars.

  9. My favorite Halloween treat are the Crunchie bars!!!!! My nutrition of choice training would be Hammer chocolate gel. I’ve also gotten to enjoy the power bar bites (if that is what they are called).

  10. My favourite Halloween treat is little mars bars frozen and then eaten one layer at a time. A close second is rockets.
    My nutrition favourite is honey stinger gummies (not official name).
    That Hed Lollipop would look very ghoulish on my bike.

  11. Hard for me to pick one – Not sure I will have candy left for the trick or treaters. 😦 Caramilk bars mmmmm.

    Honeystinger gummies – any flavour almost like eating jujubes!

  12. Halloween: ANY mini chocolate bars…but kitkat if I had to choose.
    Training: Lara Bars, apple or lemon!

  13. Halloween treat – oh so hard to decide….I would say Kit Kat bars or NIBS.
    Training bar – Elevate Me! Bars. Love all of them! yum!

  14. I will eat almost any chocolate bar but would pick through and find a snickers if I had to pick one – but it is usually a handful. For training I eat the Nature Valley Mixed Berry Trail mix bars or the superstore brand is just as good.

  15. Favourite Hallowe’en treat is Swedish berries. That applies year round, too! Still trying to sort out training treats as my stomach seems to hate a lot of gels. Currently testing granola!

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