Motivation to train – Can a snowglobe motivate you?

Last night while putting my youngest son to bed I realized how I am motivated by challenges. Come on Dad see if you can get my milk to me before the music stops playing. It was so funny I did not have to think at all my body just went. Off I went running down stairs to get the milk so I could beat the music. Amazing. Click the link below to see how I motivated his brother to get dressed the very next morning. 🙂 Gotta love being a parent and testing your kids.

What drives you to train or race? Post below I want to know.

Thanks and Happy Training
Coach Todd


One response to “Motivation to train – Can a snowglobe motivate you?

  1. Sounds like a good parenting tip Todd!

    I am motivated by the limited time that is left. If it’s around the house, a kitchen timer or an hourglass will kick me into high gears. If it relates to participating in an event, simply signing up will kick me into training. I guess it’s the feeling of having to get ready. Like getting up real early in the morning to go to work. If I don’t have work at the time, I doubt I would wake up at the time that I do.

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