Remember to Warm up for your training

During my run today I realized the importance of a good warmup. Even the coach forgets every now and then. 🙂

I started off my run thinking I only have 35 mins to run and wanted to quickly get into pace. Rushing!!

After 5 strides I thought…slow down Todd. Let’s do a proper warmup. What would I tell my athletes.

So I stopped and waited for my watch to connect to satellites and then very very slowly started my run. After gradually building my pace for 10 mins I felt SO much better. For the last 5 mins I also did a proper cooldown rather than running to the car and quickly off to somewhere else. I felt so relaxed and my body thanked me.

So on your next workout please slow down during the warmup and gradually build your pace. This is the BEST way to train and you will feel much better throughout the day.

Happy Training.
Coach Todd


One response to “Remember to Warm up for your training

  1. so true and so easy to skimp on. good reminder!

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