Banff Triathlon 2012 – No Limits meets Rosie MacLennan

The Banff 2012 triathlon took place on Sept 8 and we had perfect conditions to race. The lake was a bit brisk but not too bad. I heard that the temperature was 15 degrees. That is still warmer than IronMan Coeur D’Alene. ๐Ÿ™‚

Once the athletes were on the bike the sun quickly warmed them up and they were treated to one of the most scenic bike routes around. Following the bike was the run that snakes around the Banff town and alongside the river. If you have never done this race it is for sure one that you would want to do at least once.

Johnny and Todd Cheering in Banff

Johnny and Todd Cheering in Banff

This race served as the Alberta Sprint Championships and many were hoping to win their age group so that they could make the Canadian Triathlon team to race in London at the World Championships next year.

Here are some great results from No Limits Athletes and Friends:
Rachel 1st in Age Group
Camilla 1st in Age Group
Mary 1st in Age Group
Pete 2nd in Age Group
Paddy 3rd in Age Group
Megan 4th in Age Group
Anthony 5th in Age Group
Stacy 6th in Age Group
Greg (winner of the draw prize) did not have an official time ?? but had a great race finishing in 2:25.

After the race one of the highlights of the day was having my boys meet Rosie MacLennan. Rosie won gold in the 2012 Summer Olympics in Trampoline and my oldest George who also trains in Tramp was super excited to meet her.

Rosie, and two very happy boys (Johnny and George)

After we had a short talk Rose and her triathlon team was very gracious in giving us a short interview. You can see what happens in the link below.

What a great day to end the Triathlon season. Perfect day!

Happy training!
Coach Todd


6 responses to “Banff Triathlon 2012 – No Limits meets Rosie MacLennan

  1. Thanks for cheering Todd and family! It is always great to see those friendly faces on course!

  2. You are very welcome. Kendall you looked strong and fast as always. That was such a great day to race.

  3. Great video Todd…one of your best!

  4. I second Kendall, it is nice to see friendly faces- thanks Malcolm family for coming. BTW- that water was COLDER than Ironman CDA this year but way calmer thankfully. Banff is the most beautiful course I’ve ever raced- a must do!

  5. Thanks for your cheers Todd it was a great day!!

  6. Ladies, you are very welcome for the cheers. We love cheering. I was actually happier to cheer than to race. ๐Ÿ™‚

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