Strathmore Women’s Triathlon Videos

On Aug 19 I went out to Strathmore to volunteer at the Women’s Only Sprint Triathlon. My volunteer position was in transition and to video the race. Weeks before the race I videotaped 3 inspiring ladies. The result is in the below videos.

This is a race that is perfect for ladies that are wanting to taste what it feels like to do a triathlon in the form of a team or to take on the full challenge solo. Deanne Jabs puts on a great race. Enjoy!

Coach Todd





4 responses to “Strathmore Women’s Triathlon Videos

  1. Wow, those are awesome videos, Todd! They not only tell an inspiring story of three courageous ladies, but also show the true essence of SWT: empowering, motivational and lots of fun!

  2. Each year that I volunteer at this race I learn more of what it means to do your 1st sprint.

    This is such a great race and I had so much footage it was hard to decide what to keep in without the video lasting as long as the race. 🙂 Very happy that you like them.

  3. Thank you so much Todd for capturing the feel of the event and the stories of 3 very incredible women! I hope this will inspire so many more to get into an active lifestyle!

  4. Deanne and her amazing team of volunteers do an wonderful and thorough job organizing this BEGINNER FRIENDLY event! See you next year!

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