Banff Gran Fondo

Banff Gran Fondo



When they announced that the RBC Gran Fondo was coming to Banff I was very excited about the chance to take part in a ride like this. Unfortunately the date would be on Aug 25 and Ironman Canada on the 26. Not much time to recover. 🙂

The route was decreased to 104.2km from the original 142km because Bear 64 and her three cubs were along the Bow Valley Parkway. The route included riding Minnewanka loop twice then down the Bow Valley Parkway, turning around at Castle Junction and back to Banff.

Sue signed up for this event right away and trained very hard to get into great shape for the ride. On race day she throughly enjoyed the ride and finished 3rd in her Age Group. Janice from the saturday Brick class was also on hand for the event and showed that her broken leg is healed with a Gran Fondo Bike finish.

If you are looking for something different and some spectacular scenery along your next ride consider signing up for the 2013 Banff Gran Fondo. Sue highly recommends it!


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