2012 Ironman Canada – Last one

Our Last IronMan Canada

Last weekend myself and 12 No Limits athletes went down to Penticton to unknowingly compete in the last ever Ironman Canada to be held in Penticton. Yes if you have not heard ownership has changed and next year the race will be called Challenge Penticton.

Well this was a shock to myself and most people in attendance and quickly became the topic of discussion wherever we went. I have mixed opinions on the topic and have decided to sit back and see what happens. Will I be racing in 2013? Not sure but I have a streak going. 2013 would be my 10th Ironman.

Anyhow….back to the 2012 race. More rumors were flying the days before the race. Would the swim allow wetsuits? The temperature of the water was the warmest that I have swam in and I thought there was a good chance that we would be swimming sans wetsuit. As it turned out the water temp was about 22-23 degrees and far enough away from the 24 degree cut-off to allow wetsuits. Which I think made most people happy.

As I write this I realize that I could probably write pages on the race so I will cut to the chase.

Race day: Great weather. Calm waters to start. Not sure what happened near the ¼ mark of the swim but it felt like an ocean liner went through and the waves really pushed us to the left. Good thing I was far right to start. After the turnaround the waters calmed and the swim was fine. Not sure about everyone else but that last 1800m always seems long. 🙂

The Bike: More great weather. No rain. Lots of wind but I found that even with the wind we were able to keep our speed up. I did not see as many flat tires as last year. I did hear of some having to pull tacks from their tires though.
Highlights of the bike course:
• Amazing scenery
• Fantastic crowds cheering us on. I especially liked the folks screaming from their cars. Love it!
• Wonderful volunteers helping out in so many different ways. Trying to give more each time
• An athlete passed me on the bike saying hey Coach Todd I watch you on YouTube. That pumped me up so much. Thanks Man!!!!
• Descending the hills with strong wind and still moving quick (some years we creep down the hills due to the headwinds
• Having a RedBull at Special needs – It gave me wings
• Seeing my athletes on the out and back. Go Go Go!!!!
• Finally seeing Penticton in the distance, the ride is almost over 🙂
• The ride is over for the last IMC in Penticton 😦

The Run: More great weather. Not too hot. At least for me. 🙂
• Being in T2 with Kent right across from me. He finally caught me
• Starting the run side by side with Kent
• Feeling amazing on the run. Pace is quick but feels good
• Love the crowds yelling Go No Limits…Go Bubbles
• Seeing Lori Bowden in a Team with Lisa Bentley and Graham Frasier
• Running with Kent and following our race plan (on target for pace)
• Taking quite some time to see the lead male pro on the other side
• Waiting to see Janelle Morrison
• When Janelle approached on the other side I crossed the road and yelled at her “This is your day….Go get her” and watching Janelle smile. This was one the biggest highlights for me as she has worked so UNBELIEVABLY hard and the outcome is beyond words. Very Proud of Janelle
• Running down the hill into OK Falls and seeing Tina with her family cheering loud.
• Watching Kent run up the hill and on to a great finish 10:19!!!
• Looking for all my athletes and friends on the other side on the road
• Willing ourselves not to walk through the aid stations
• Dedicating the last few miles to very special people
• Having Chris pass me with 3 Km to go and him encouraging me to run with him
• Finishing my last IMC (after breaking my leg in March) – I was very emotional.
• Monica walking me to the finishing area
• Chatting with Kent and Chris about the race
• David walking me to the Med tent ( I was Ok)
• Mike taking care of me
• Listening for No Limits athletes to finish
• Talking with Tim about his race
• Watching Sister Madonna Buder finish yet another Ironman at 82

My legs are still so very sore. This is great as is it a reminder of what we did on Aug 26, 2012. The last IMC in Penticton.

No Limits results:
Kent 10:19
Chris Oliphant 10:34
Coach Todd 10:35
Chris 11:15
Ken 12:05
Lesey 12:29
John 12:33
Ricker 12:59
Brian C 12:59
Mario 13:44
Murray 14:37
Corrine – just missed bike cutoff
Tim – Knees said No

I am so incredibly proud of all of you for taking on a challenge like Ironman. I know that there are many times during the race when I ask myself “Why am I doing this?”. I hate to be a cliché…but Pain is Temporary and Pride is forever. And I am super proud of all of you and looking forward to Ironman or Challenge #10 in 2013.

I love this Game!
Coach Todd



8 responses to “2012 Ironman Canada – Last one

  1. Awesome post Todd! It was great to be out there with such a good group of people. It was an amazing day and I’m looking forward to the next one already (Challenge or IMC).

  2. Congratulations to all of you! Wish i could have been there to cheer on!

  3. Congratulations everyone! You are super stars!

  4. Just as I tuned in on line I saw Kent cross the finish line in an incredible time. Well done everyone. I wish I had your stamina…very impressive. You should be proud.

  5. I love the sign above your head in one of the above pictures! Congrats on the race. You and your team did great!

  6. Flavor of the world! Perhaps that means we need to pick another Ironman somewhere else. 😉

  7. I thought you might like to see this…

  8. Thanks for the video Linda. They showed that video at the Pre-race dinner on Friday night. Great to see the history of the race.

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