Lake Chaparral Triathlon – Provincial Championships

On Sunday we saw the Alberta Triathlon championships take place at Lake Chaparral. No Limits had quite a few athletes out racing. Many of us were using this race as a training day for Ironman Canada while others were racing their last race of the year and yet others were using this to prep for the Apple.

Let’s start with Blair. He started this year off training to get faster at triathlons and really see what he could do. This would be his last race of the season. He comes from a polevaulting background and has quickly made the transition to being a triathlete.

Blair won his Age Group and is the 25-29 men’s Prov Champ

Next up is Coach Todd. I was using this race as a prep for Ironman Canada and wanted a taste for racing before the big one in 2 weeks. Unfortunately two days before the race I woke up sick and this was a struggle on race day. When I woke up on race day I felt better than Saturday so I decided to race. Overall very happy with my race. 🙂

Coach Todd won his Age Group and is the 40-44 men’s Prov Champ

Chris was also using this race as a prep for Ironman Canada. His training has been going very well this year and today he showed that he is ready for Ironman by placing 2nd in his agegroup.

Stacy was up next and she was using this race as a step before the Apple next week. This was Stacy’s first nonwetsuit swim and she did great. Stacy placed 3rd in her age group (25 – 29).

Other notable mentions were Monika for winning her age group and Janice for placing 2nd in her age group.

In the Sprint race we saw Bill race and just like the coach he was fighting a cold but he was a trooper and had a good day placing 3rd in his age group.

Lesley also took part in the sprint race and also used this day as a prep for ironman. Lesley had a great day and won her age group. Ironman #2 is next for Lesley!

Check out this short video from the race. Sorry about the lack of race footage but it is hard to get when you are racing. 🙂
Good luck at the Apple and IMC for all in the next couple of weeks!


3 responses to “Lake Chaparral Triathlon – Provincial Championships

  1. Congratulations Todd on your finish and good luck in Penticton!

  2. Congrats Todd!! I was thinking about you while I was sailing the Gulf Islands. Glad to see how well you did. I am off to Kelowna for the Apple this weekend. Thanks for all your help getting this far.

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