Banff Triathlon – Free Race Giveaway

Have a look at the goofy video that was made today just before our group swim on an amazing day.

In order to be entered into the draw you need to post the single area that you would like to improve in your triathlon. Please be specific. Being a faster swimmer, biker or runner will not cut it. πŸ™‚

Enter your comment below on the blog or FaceBook and good luck!!!

This is such an amazing race. One of my Favs!!!!
More details on the race here

Coach Todd


14 responses to “Banff Triathlon – Free Race Giveaway

  1. I NEED to improve on my open water swim by at least 2 minutes!!! My time right now for 1500 m is more or less 24 min so I am aiming for 22-22.30. πŸ˜‰

  2. During colder water swims (like around 14C…) it takes me FOREVER to be able to put my face in the water!! I have no problem getting the rest of my body used to it…😁

  3. kelly yorston

    I would like to improve on my OWS swim! I just finished my first OW race 2weeks ago & surprisingly have Banff as my second OW tri of the year. I learned during this first race that there is a real technique to passing and strategy to this mass swim thing and i have NO idea what that is! Any tips would be very helpful! Fingers crossed, Banff here i come!

  4. Wish I could swim in a straight line!

  5. That’s a tough question, I guess I would say T1 during the rain. I’m good when it’s nice out but it’s when the bad weather shows up and you have dress in the backup cloths which tend to take more time with a wet body.

  6. Well, I would really like to improve my time at this year’s Ironman, and part of the problem is allowing myself to stop running. This year I really don’t want to stop. I’m curious to know what you tell yourself in order to keep up enough strength and will not to stop

  7. Veronika Bencze

    I have to improve on my run. It is definitely my weakest “leg” of the three. Does it make sense at all? πŸ™‚

  8. Louise Dougherty

    I would love to improve my running as it is my weakest link to the triathlon. Getting the motivation on certain days would be good to. Any ideas?

  9. Chris Oliphant

    Hold that β€˜Line’. Not the best swim line (which I assume might be the illusive straight line – not that the ‘Rob Kelly line’ is all bad either), but the line between goal #1 (remain healthy and active well into my 70’s) and goal #2 (fight the inevitable decline of age and ego with help of measurable goals of improving times in each discipline).
    Empting the tank, but killing the engine.

  10. I need to build speed and endurance…esp in the run. I also like Chris O’s comments.

  11. I need to improve my upper body and core strength, primarily to improve my swim but also to improve my position on the bike, all setting up for a killer run!

  12. Improve the conversion of pool times to race times in the swim. I am much faster in the pool than I am in a race need to narrow this gap!

  13. A recent problem I need to overcome is stomach cramps after eating (on bike and during run). I might be able to get by in an Olympic without eating much, but I’d really like to get a longer race under my belt after 1 failed attempt at GWn this year, DNF = 😦 I need to solve this problem! any advice?

  14. I would like to improve my OW sighting, as zig zagging all over the water at Calgary 70.3 cost me many minutes… also, to bring my 70.3 swim time down to 45 minutes.

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