Great White North 2012 Triathlon – No Limits

Another weekend and another race.  This time I travelled up to Edmonton to watch the ever popular Great White North half Ironman.  The race lived up to it’s name with lots of rain and wind for the bike portion.  The weather did not slow the racers as they headed off on the 90 Km bike route.  Some wore extra clothes while others wore only their race top and bottoms.  For me I would have taken that extra minute in T1 to add a jacket. 🙂   The weather cleared for the later part of the run and the cool temperatures helped for some fast times. Results are available here

No Limits athletes
Louise finished 3rd in her age group in 5:09
Ken finished in 5:22
Karen finished in 6:44

Below is a short video of No Limits athletes and friends taking part in the race. Next weekend is the ITU in edmonton. This will be a great race to watch for sure!!! Good luck everyone and great job to all those at GWN last weekend!


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