Free Race Entry Giveaway – Sept 23 Tuner Valley (Ladies Only)

Want a free entry into a new race on Sept 23 in Turner Valley. Sorry Guys!! Ladies only!

Watch the video and then post below:
If you could be phenominal at one sport (outside of triathlon) what would it be?

I will make a draw from all the people that leave a post on July 25, 2012.

Good Luck and Happy Training!!!

Here is the link to the race


17 responses to “Free Race Entry Giveaway – Sept 23 Tuner Valley (Ladies Only)

  1. I say biathlon. Cross country skiers are super super fit. And look great in tights! (plus what other sport has “cookie races”??) Add to that the coolness factor of shooting rifles, and you have the perfect sport.

  2. I like that a lot Karen! I have always wanted to try that. Looks like a bunch of fun.

  3. Whitewater kayaking! I think it would be amazing to ride some of the amazing rapids in the world with confidence and expertise. The bonus would be some wicked core and upper body muscles!

  4. Marianne Boucher

    OH! Beach volleyball! The great weather to train in, strong feet/legs from the barefoot sand workouts, sunny glow to the skin…Just look at Gabby Reece!

  5. Well – I first had to google if its a sport….Synchronized swimming. I swim at Talisman and am always in ‘ah’ of the Synchronized swimmers, how long they can hold their breath, the team work required to toss someone in the air and how they are in perfect sync with their teammates.

  6. Speed skating.
    Speed & grace, big strong legs.
    Yup, definitely speed skating.

  7. Colleen Malcolm

    I would say cycling so that I could ride in the female version of the Tour of France!

  8. Nice choices ladies. Can’t believe no one picked darts. 🙂

  9. Suzanne Magner

    Surfing. It’s very spiritual yet edgy. Plus, I’d look really cool.

  10. I would have to say ADVENTURE RACING – you have to train for so many events-SO- for those athletes with ADHD-nothing but FUNTIMES because you are always doing something different. I’m just sayin’! E

  11. I’m going to say my ultimate sport; Kickboxing. It takes skill, patience, dedication and discipline not to mention a gross amount of cardio!!
    Great resistance and core training!!! Also gets out A LOT of stress ladies!!!

  12. Poker

  13. Poker’s a sport. I just saw it on TSN.

  14. Olympic equestrian and show jumper! I grew up riding/showing horses and always dreamed of owning a great horse like Big Ben and being an accomplished rider like Ian Miller. 😊

  15. Gerrie Boogaart

    I’d have to say, stand up paddling! Did it for the first time in Maui last year and it was awesome. Would love to get really good at it. Would be cool to see a paddle board race and the work out would be pretty terrific too.

  16. Gerrie the first time I saw SUPB was at wildflower race in Calif. So wierd as I thought they were standing on the water. Very cool to see the lifeguards looking down while we race. 🙂 Good Luck!

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