Chinook Triathlon Festival (and Painted Toenails)

On the weekend we saw the Chinook triathlon festival take place.  This is always a great event and fun for me to spectate after my bike class.  I t ypically rush over after my ride with a quick pickup from McDs.  Sorry to all the runners who had to watch me eat the burger.  I know that is hard to watch half way through the race.  🙂

We saw some great performances out there.
In the half:
Kent lead the way with a 5th place over all and 1st in his age group.
Raf was not too far behind and finished 4th in his agegroup.
In the Olympic we had Louise race her 1st of the year and finished 2nd in her age group. Louise’s Sister Rachel did the AquaBike event (swim 2 km / bike 96 Km). Rachel was super excited as this was her 1st race in 7 years!!!

Other notable performances were by Jeff who came in 2 in age group and Camilla who placed 3 in her group.

Great racing everyone!!! Next week is the IronMan Coeur D’Alene!!! 🙂


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