Wildflower Olympic distance race

To continue from the previous posting regarding Wildflower here is what happened on Day 2. We had three athletes racing in the Olympic distance event. Ian, myself and Tina. Ian and I are in the same age group so we were lucky to start the race together. I always know at the start of the swim I will see Ian somewhere on the bike course as he is a much faster swimmer. Ian was out of the lake in 21:57 and I was out in 25:11. The bike course is quite hilly and can be a lot of fun after 5 days of solid training. We both rode well and I managed to lead Ian into T2 by a couple of mins. As most know this was my 1st week back training after having a fracture of my lower leg. I knew my leg was fine to push the bike so I did. I rode like I was going to walk the 10 Km. 🙂 At the start of the run I held to a conservative pace as I did not want to push my leg and when Ian went by on the run he yelled an encouraging word and I knew I would see him at the finish line much later.

Ian had a great run finishing in 2:26

I finished one of my most memorable races in 2:28.

Tina had a great day as well swimming the 1500 distance in a time of 27:54, Bike of 1:31, Run of 55:19 for a 3:00 finish!

Already looking forward to Wildflower 2013! 🙂


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