Wildflower 2012 Training Camp

Wildflower training camp is now in the books. We had a wonderful week training in California. We were very sorry to hear that one day the Calgary weather was snow. No sign of snow or rain where we were.

New this year we ventured off to ride to the ocean and visit the small town of Cambria. Here we dipped our toes in the ocean and then later enjoyed some clam chowder before venturing off for our 14 Km ascent. We were very lucky to have a strong tailwind push us up the climb. So much so that there were times when I was in my aero bars. Gotta love that. 🙂

When it came down to race day everyone was ready!

The weather lived up to the California expectation and we had sun all day with a nice breeze to keep the spectators and racers from melting away.

In the end we saw great races from everyone.

Kevin lead the Charge with a finish of 5:20

Followed by Chris in 5:37

Then Mike in 6:22

Lesley in 6:25

Paul and Mary in 6:31

The team of Tanya (Swim/Bike) and Monica (Run) finished in 6:28

At the end of the day everyone was pleased and looking forward to sampling some of the local wines.

More from the race will be posted shortly to see how Ian, Tina and Coach Todd did.


2 responses to “Wildflower 2012 Training Camp

  1. So much FUN…and WORK…and more FUN. Can’t wait to return. Hills? What hills?

  2. I can’t lie….there are some hills 🙂
    Had my first ride outside in Calgary since the camp and I felt so strong. That was an awesome week of training.

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