Police half and other results

Not too long ago was the Calgary Police half marathon. No Limits had a few athletes in the mix.

Many were using this race as stepping stones to other events like Great white north or IMC.
Kent was very pleased with his run after doing the appropriate gradual training following an injury.
He finished in 1:32

Raf set a personal best for the police half course finishing in 1:36.

Louise is gradually building up her mileage with her sights on GWN. Today Louise had a good run finishing 3rd in her age group and 15th woman in a time of 1:38.

Lucy had knee surgery early in 2012 and this was a big dream of hers to complete a half marathon. Lucy finished in a time 2:15 which is 5 minutes faster than her goal time. Once week later Lucy was off to Vegas to compete in the Women’s only Irongirl competition and had lots of fun!

Up in Edmonton Ken competed in the 5 Peaks running event and finished 6th in his age group and 25th overall. Ken is getting used to racing faster and leaving nothing in the tank. 🙂

Over to Winnipeg we saw another Police half marathon take place. This time we had Chris competing and he had a strong run finishing in 1:25 which was good enough for 4th in his age group and 13 overall. This is a great start to his IMC training.

If you have any photos from your races please forward them to me so I can post on the site.

Next race is Mother’s Day 10 Km and then things really get busy!
Here we go. 🙂


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