Win free entry into Lake Chaparral Sprint or Olympic distance triathlon

Here is the new No Limits Contest.  I am keeping this super easy.

I will make a the draw for one free entry into the lake Chaparral Sprint or Olympic distance Triathlon from held on Aug 12 in Calgary.

All you need to do is tell me your most embarrasing moment in a Triathlon race.  Now if you have not done a triathlon you can tell me your most embarrasing moment in training.  We all have many!!!!  🙂

I will make the draw on April 12.

Now if you want to double your chances, like

This is so easy to win.  Just ask Keri Adams who was the winner of the Timex watch.

Good Luck!!!


24 responses to “Win free entry into Lake Chaparral Sprint or Olympic distance triathlon

  1. I am going to start this off. I have many. 🙂
    At the 1st ever Lake Chaparral triathlon during the run leg I was in 3rd position and thought ok this is great just around the corner to the finish…push push push and then the crowd yelled….”One more loop” 😦 Embarassing.

  2. Brian’s most embarrasing moment:

    John Howey beating Brian Ricker @ IMC in 2011

  3. Getting passed by a guy riding no hands and drinking from his water bottle.

  4. Lake Chaperall 2011 – smiling (or perhaps posing – i’ll admit) for the camera as I come into the bike dismmount line. Bailed!

  5. I guess the last time I did the Westlock tri, I was late for the swim and ended up being repeated lapped by the fast guys and this resulted in me being the last guy on the course and getting lost and doing an extra 1 km before finding the right road.

  6. Jason I was once on the pathway riding fast to the pool and I was passed by a guy riding no hands and smoking a cigar. No kidding!!

  7. Nicole I did the same thing at one race. I was trying to do a fancy dismount right before the dismount line and went head over heals. At the end of the race I found out I had a penalty. I always joke that the penalty was for not “sticking” the landing. 🙂

  8. I did my first Super Sprint open water swim at Banff last year. I survived the freezing water and stumbled up to transition where I started to take off my wetsuit. I had all of it removed but just couldn’t seem to get the left leg off no matter what I tried. I was just entering panic mode when I realized I had put my timing chip over the suit and that’s why I couldn’t get it off. D’oh!

  9. Nicole I did the banff race as part of a relay last year and wisely chose the run. 🙂 Your mistake is a classic one.

  10. At Chinook last year it was cold in the water and the lovely wetsuit strippers were working hard to get my wet suit off as I could not stand still…this combination resulted in a good grass plant onto my face and shoulders….oh wait right in the middle in front of the announcers tent…

  11. I was biking on a rural road outside of Airdrie last spring and I stopped at the top of a hill to wait for others to catch up. I turned back to look behind me but turned on the side where my foot was still clipped in. Completely stationary, I fell of my bike into the middle of the road. It was my first fall of the season and it hurt so bad! I started to have a huge temper tantrum and by the time everyone caught up me my bike, shoes and helmet were all thrown into the ditch and I was sitting on the side of the road crying. Everyone had a good laugh.

  12. Coming in from the bike and forgetting I was clipped in. I fell over sideways!

  13. In the Vancouver sprint triathlon last July I thought I had warmed up well and was good to go for the swim. Pretty humbling to reach the 1st buoy, ready to turn against the current and got so dizzy that I cried out for help, eyed up the boat, but before I could grab the boat another swimmer grabbed me and talked me into settling down and keep on going. Not something I want to happen again!

  14. This story is much on the same note as others who were passed on their bikes. I was racing an Olympic distance Tri (Lethbridge SPG) one time when a guy on a mountain bike rode up beside me and wanted to have a conversation asking if I was in the race, how it was going, etc. When the conversation was over, he proceeded to ride off ahead of me. I’m not certain but I believe his bike was purchased at Walmart.

  15. I have to use a real one, not one that has shown up in “night-before-the-race-nightmares”, right?! (of which there are many to choose from!) This happened in the off-road duathlon in Edmonton, which was probably the fourth time I ever rode a mountain bike. The third time I was on the bike was the afternoon before the race when we pre-rode the course. There was a great big mud puddle and not having any technical skills whatsoever, I got stuck solidly in the puddle (which was quite deep), and tipped over into it sideways. Also not really being adept at unclipping, I went right in and was absolutely covered with dripping muck. So on race day, while chasing down a very old man in a sweater-vest, thinking I was prepared for the puddle, I saw some other guy very skillfully bunny hop the puddle. Thinking “ah, that’s how it’s done”, attempted to launch myself over it and instead ended up headfirst in the puddle and even muddier and wetter than the previous day. Apparently I looked pretty funny during the run segment that followed, as countless people on the course (volunteers and spectators) tried to give me kleenexes etc to get rid of the dripping muck (there was even a comment from the race announcer about the chick who wiped out in the mud puddle). And at the end of the day the sweater vest guy beat me by a landslide (or is it a “mudslide”?)

  16. Wow those are some great moments. Karen yours made me smile.

    Who do you think has the most embarassing so far?

  17. Rush hour traffic at 11ave and 14th st SW. I was riding home from work and getting ready to stop at the red light. I unclipped the right foot but when i stopped I leaned left. I couldn’t get unclipped and landed on my side. It was the last time i road home that way. D’OH!!

  18. I did part of the run in Canmore last year still wearing my bike helmet. A kind volunteer pointed this out to me and offered to store my helmet at their aid station until after the race.

  19. My story is not so much an embarrassing moment as a series of crazy events a day before a triathalon. My day began with me falling down my stairs and gashing my knee.I was preparing to head to a warm up and tri session at Lk Chaparell. Of course I was in a rush so off I headed on my bike to notice part way thru that I had forgotten my helmet. Nice. Too late, in a rush must keep going. Head into lake chaparrel only to encounter a condom on the beach- yuck- off to beach house to report. Do the swim and one of my contact lenses falls out- I rescue it and re-insert it. Hmm, do the info session by Trevor then bike home only to have a flat tire about 3km from home with no repair/replacement equipment. Man that was a L O N G day. By the way the race day went seamlessly- even did a PB for my swim!

  20. Barb that sounds like a crazy day!

  21. In T1 after my first open water triathlon at Shawnigan Lake, I was mortified when I could not get my wetsuit off over my feet. I am sure that I was passed by at least 10 people just during that transition. Afterwards, I cut the bottoms of the legs of my wetsuit. I was never going to go through that again!

  22. Hey Todd, I have been trying to think of my MOST embarrassing triathlon experience as I have quite a few in my 26 years of racing! The one that is the top of my list was the one I learned A LOT from. I crashed right into a volunteer (fully visible in a bright orange vest, stop-slow paddle) on my bike at the Kelowna Apple Triathlon, way back in 1987. It was a really hard hit but volunteer and I were okay after. I had to DNF. My bike wheels (borrowed race wheels) were “taco’d”!! Lessons learned were:
    1) Always test ride your new bike frame for at least a month or more! I had the frame for a only week but was so excited to race it.
    2) Pre-ride (or pre-drive) the “whole” bike course beforehand. We only did a part of it – the sudden left hand, downhill corner came out of nowhere!
    3) Never allow your friends to convince you to check off the “pro” category instead of age group (back then you could do that) – I was soooo nervous! Way out of my league!

  23. Ouch Deanne! That is a good one.

    Great advice tips at the end for sure.

  24. Awesome,thanks ill share it among my friends.

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