Join No Limits at Wasa Triathlon in 2012

Wasa Lake Triathlon: June 9-10, 2012

Registration is now open for the Wasa Lake Triathlon in Wasa Lake Provincial Park, BC. It is located about 30k north of Cranbook. This is a very family friendly venue with a Tri Kids event on Saturday and Sprint and Olympic events on Sunday. The lake is beautiful and there is lots of sand for the kids. You can stay in the campground on site but be sure to book for this weekend as soon as it is allowed (90 days prior) as it fills very quickly.

This Olympic course has always been known as very “fast and flat”. Last year they changed the out and back bike to be on smoother pavement and included some fun rollers (I think 5). In my opinion, this was a huge improvement. I now consider the bike course “fast and fun” with a net descent on the back portion.

There is also a relay event for teams of 2 or 3. What is unique about the relay at Wasa is that a person can be on a relay AND compete solo. This comes in handy if there is a person who wants to do the event but doesn’t want to swim. My husband and I team up and he gets to use my swim time but then do the bike and run portion. I get an overall individual time and he and I also get a relay time. They allow 40 relays to compete.

See the race website for more details:

Early bird registration ends March 31, 2012

No Limits was well represented last year and I think it would be fun to have a group attend again this year. If you have any questions, post as a comment here and I’ll answer.

Who’s going to join me?
Coach Mary


One response to “Join No Limits at Wasa Triathlon in 2012

  1. I’ve done this event twice before and highly recommend it. Hopefully I can have the time available?

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