Training tips over the holidays from Coach Mary

It’s a busy time of year for everyone and typically our nicely structured daily training schedules go out the window the first time the doorbell rings sounding the arrival of an unexpected guest.  It is important to relax a bit and enjoy time with family and friends, but, while doing so, you can still maintain the fitness you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

For many of us, our weekly spin, brick, and/or swim sessions end the week before Christmas and don’t resume until the 2nd week in Jan.  This is 3 weeks!   If we stop our training completely while indulging a bit more than usual the result can be a significant weight gain and a painful first 4-6 weeks of the new year as we try to battle back to our former levels of fitness.  Here are some ways to sneak in some workouts over the holidays:

  • Skiing / Snowboarding
  • Cross country skiing
  • Snow shoeing – this is great for all ages.  Costco sells snowshoes.  We have rented them from MEC.  I did this with my 65 year old parents and 5-7 year old boys.  Note: you will need to have some treats back at the car to keep the young ones motivated.
  • Sledding with the kids – aka, hill repeats!  Your kids will love it that you want to quickly run their sleds back up the hill for them over and over again.
  • Go to a rec. center- many options here.  Take your kids for a skate, a swim, and play basketball. Depending on the facility there might be waterslides where you will have the opportunity to repeatedly scale many flights of stairs.  Maybe you can sneak into the lap pool for a quick swim workout.
  • Meet a training partner for a run, spin or swim.  It’s always more fun with company and you are less likely to skip the workout when the other person is counting on you to show up.
  • Go for family walks after supper to take in the neighborhood Christmas lights.
  • Wake up early to do a quick spin or run and feel content that it’s done before breakfast.

As you can see from the list, there are many ways to stay active.  Let me know your ideas so I can add them to the list for next year.

With respect to nutrition, chocolate is good for you, eating an entire Bernard Callebaut log is not.  Regarding sweets, which seem to be my pitfall, I try to do some baking of my own.  When I see that a certain cookie recipe calls for 2 sticks of butter it’s a good reminder to limit my consumption.  Same thing applies to cooking a holiday meal…so help out J

Remember, it’s not the end of the world if you deviate a little from your normal path.  You just don’t want to get lost in the woods.  Moderation is the key.

Happy Holidays everyone!
Coach Mary



2 responses to “Training tips over the holidays from Coach Mary

  1. Great ideas of alternative activity so not to feel guilty or do too much damage to current levels. I’d like to try Bernard callebaut log!

  2. I too would like to have a go at the chocolate log. Today I just recieved some Costa Rica coffee from Martha that would go nice with it. 🙂

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