Interview with Madi Serpico (U23 triathlete)

Coach Todd: Madi I remember one of the first times that I met you. You were at a hotel and Rose had just finished Ironman Canada. Both of you were so excited. You said that you wanted to do an Ironman one day. And I think you even said when you were 18. Now look at you. You are an up and coming future triathlon star.

Coach Todd: Tell everyone a little about what distance of race you are focusing on right now.

Madi: I remember that meeting too. You were very tall to me back then. I have just moved up to U23 this year. It is so exciting to be going up to Olympic distance and being on the start line with the best in the world. I am going to learn so much from them. Ironman will have to wait for a little bit

Coach Todd: What does your typical week look like in terms of training? For example how many workouts do you get in and how many hours do you train?

Madi: I train 2 disciplines a day minimum. This year is much more volumes than I have ever done because double the distance but making sure not to get injured. This time of year is swim focus though (since it was never my strength). So to answer your question 4 hrs and up a day. I love it.

Coach Todd: People will often comment that you are a beautiful runner. Do you have any tips for people to improve their run?

Madi: That’s so nice to hear. I love running, especially with you, but I have really struggled the last 2 years with my run as I just kept growing and growing and not getting faster. At the end of last season I started to feel like myself again and I am finally getting stronger and everything else is catching up. It’s going to be a great season. You just need to stick with it and it will come.

Coach Todd: One tip that we talked about years ago and I still share with athletes is how you imagine that when running hills you pretend you are running on flat ground. That is a great tip. What is your favorite run workout to do?

Madi: I’m not crazy about the structured cross-country and indoor track workouts but I love it when runs have a lot of variety so I don’t get bored. I always have to stay focused and feel challenged. I do like to have a partner push me and someone I can challenge as well. And hill workouts are still my favorite because they are flat! Hehe

Coach Todd: On your Facebook page you often have your picture beside well-known athletes like Lance Armstrong etc.. Who has been the most interesting athlete you have met and why?

Madi: I have been so lucky to meet so many great people. I sometimes can’t believe how lucky I am. It’s so hard to pick because they all influence me in so many ways. I love strong women like Heather Wurtle, Janelle Morrison, Bree Wee, Gwen Jorgenson, Paul Finlay and women like Syl Corbett, Jill Kirker and Richelle. They are so stong and positive and never quit through all the ups and downs. But my most inspirational has been Mark Allen. He is one tough cookie. He has so much experience and is so so tough. I love talking to him.

Coach Todd: A big part of being successful in triathlons is being able to control what you think (self-talk) and say. Picture this…you are in the middle of a triathlon working super hard and you are just behind the leaders. What do you say or picture in your mind at this point.

Madi: My first thing that I say to myself is that “I can do all things through Christ” (Lisa Bentley’s saying as well) there are No Limits if you believe in yourself. It doesn’t always work trying to be positive and you have to have tons of practice doing it because if you stop for one second and let one negative thing in it just grows. I am still working on it hehe.

Coach Todd: One more question. What are your plans for the future? Where do you see yourself in 2 years?

Madi: I see myself being healthy and happy racing on the World Cup circuit, representing Canada and being an Olympic hopeful for 2016. I am grateful to be able to this sport and chase my dream. Oh and trying to catch you Todd 🙂


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