MV2 test run – Half Marathon (Last Chance)

My final test run with the Newton MV2 took place on Nov 13.  The race was the Last Chance Half Marathon here in Calgary.  I have been running in the shoes occasionally during October and November.  I was unable to run over an hour in the shoes so my longest run was somewhere near 12-13 Km.  As the race week approached I caught a cold and my training was zero.  Fortunately on race day I felt ok and decided to see what I could do and give the shoes a good test.

My result was a PB of 1:28.30. which I was super pleased with considering my sickness the week before and limited training.

The shoes:
-Super light
-Really encourage a forefoot landing
-Easy to maintain a high cadence (high 80’s)
-Well ventilated so can be cool if the temperatures are brisk (we are in Winter in Canada 🙂 )
-Found that my feet did get a bit sore near the end of the race (think due to longest distance being 12 – 13 Km)
-My calves were sore for 3 days after the race (again this could be due to not enough miles)
-Found the shoes to be no problem at 10 Km, but I was happy to be done at 21Km.

Summary: These shoes are fast and will promote a forward forefoot landing. Please allow yourself time to buildup properly before running or racing long in them. I had been wearing Newtons for a year and needed time to make the adjustments for the new MV2. During the test period I also noticed that I was most comfortable running in the shoes at a quick pace (eg tempo pace). I really liked the shoes as well during some hill workouts. Winter has invaded us so these shoes will go back in the box until Spring or perhaps for some treadmill running.

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