Conferation Park Relay

Just this past weekend we had quite a few athletes participate in the Confederation Park Cross Country relay.  This is always quite a fun event!  No Limits had 2 teams.  #1) was the men’s team No Limits and #2) was the women’s team Just for Fun.  Everyone enjoyed the day and could not stop talking about the race for the next 2 days.   🙂  Thanks to the organizers of the race Ryan and Phil from Calgary Road runners who once again put on a great race!  See you next year.  Check out the video below to see all the action from the race from the eyes of Coach Todd and Ian.


5 responses to “Conferation Park Relay

  1. Shane McKechney

    It is great to see the No Limits teams at the Confederation Park Relay. This is one of those races that I tried to do every year while in Calgary. It is fun and short.

    I really loved Mary’s comment, “It was fun like pregnancy!!” That is golden.

    Great Race everyone

  2. Shane we all had a great time. Yes, Mary’s response was pretty funny. I also liked Ian’s comment about the kids race. 🙂

    Next race for many is the Last chance half on Nov 13. Cross your fingers for no snow. We are having a great fall so far.

  3. What I actually meant to say, Shane, was that the run was fun like “labor” not “pregnancy”. Also like labor, you forget about the pain quickly. Hence the comment 30 minutes after finishing “we’ll be back next year”.

    • Shane McKechney

      I still think it is a great comment as it is a totally different perspective that i would have never thought about. I took it as such, the labor, not the pregnancy. Its great that you will be back next year for some more fun.

  4. Mary!!! Comment of the year! I think we should come up with a race shirt with the saying” This one was fun like pregnancy!”. Nonetheless, we will all be back……..

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