Newton MV2 test drive – Take 1

A great benefit to being on Team Newton for Ironman Canada was that we each received a pair of new MV2.  Since these shoes are so different than my normal Newton running shoes I decided not to race in them and wait until after IMC.  So now here I am in October and ready to test.  What is the deal with these shoes?

1)  The new MV2 is engineered to be the lightest and most efficient Natural Running shoe ever produced.

2) The MV2 second-generation Action/Reaction Technology™ provides greater protection for running on hard surfaces.

3)With a level to the ground profile (zero-pitch) and a unique biomechanical sensor plate, the foot can sense the ground quicker, allowing for a higher cadence.

 This shoe inspires speed.

We shall see!  🙂

Stay tuned…….

Comment below if you have tried the new MV2 shoes.  Like or not??

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