Harvest Half Marathon results

The Harvest Half Marathon was held on saturday.  I just went to the race website to view the results and up pops a picture of Tracey Flagg.  The race is run to raise money for funds for brain cancer and in memory of Tracey.  Although I never met her I know her sister and I am always surprised at the resemblance.  I hope a cure is found soon.

This race for many is the last race of 2011.  We had a couple of ladies running in the race today.  Louise T had just a great tri season she was eager to test the half marathon distance one more time.  Remember last year Louise had knee surgery and has a fantastic comeback year.  Well this race was no different.  Louise ran to 1:36 and 2nd in her age group and 6th overall Female.  Nice job Louise.  We also saw Monica getting back into running after completing IronMan Canada just a month ago.  I must be honest.  The thought of running a half marathon for me will have to wait until November as I have only run 2x since IMC.  Monica got back into the game and finished in a time of 2:03.  Nice job Monica.  How was the race?

The race was won by Myron who finished in 1:22 and if I recall that is a PB.  Nice job Myron!

Great racing by everyone and this has given me extra motivation to get my feet in my shoes and butt out the door to start training again.  Afterall it is October!  🙂

Happy training!




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