Fall racing has begun

Last weekend we had some athletes race in 2 different events.  Ken up in Edmonton took part in the 5 peaks race in Devon.  If you have never done a 5 peaks race you are in for a treat.   5 Peaks is a trail running company in Canada whose goal is to provide an exciting atmosphere, a challenging course, a competitive field, and an amazing off-road experience.

Ken has signed up for IMC 2012 and this was his first stepping stone towards his goal.  He had a great day and learned a lot about pacing and pushing himself.  Ken was happy with a PB over last year of 2:32.  Nice job Ken.

Meanwhile back in the South part of AB we saw Melissa’s race take place in Banff.  For the 10 Km race we had Louise take part.  Louise D is just starting to get back into training and also used this race as a 1st stepping stone.  Louise’s main race this season will be Hawaii 70.3.  Louise was happy with her race and finish time and is excited about more tests to come.  Right Louise? 🙂

In the half marathon at Melissa’s we saw Raf running with his fiance Shirley and they had a good day.  Shirley had a 2 minute PB and I bet that if she had a soccer ball to chase she would have been even faster.  If it was me I would have lost the ball after 50m. 

Great Fall running so far everyone!  This weekend is the Harvest half and we will see Louise T take the field.  Good Luck Louise I hope you have a great day to race!!!


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