Welcome to the new website

Welcome to the New Web Page of No Limits Triathlon.

There are some changes.

1) The webpage is now in a blog format so that comments can easily be made on any post

2) To the right will be various (widgets) that will be useful.  Like the ability to follow any changes to the website with email.  Just enter your email at the top and you are all set.  Facebook is now on the right side as well.  Other widgets will be added in the future

3) Photos will be added to the bottom of the site using Flickr.  Right now I tested this out with some photos from Hawaii 70.3 camp.  More photos will be uploaded soon.

4) To Login to your Training Peaks account you need to click on the Training Peaks Log link (at the top) and this will take you to the login page

5) This webpage is available in mobile and ipad views.  Check them out.  Pretty cool.

Finally let me know what you think of the new look.

Oh, one more thing…last month we had issues with some phones not able to open up the webpage.  Please let me know if your phone does not work.




3 responses to “Welcome to the new website

  1. Todd,

    Looks great!

    Keep it going with the pictures and video’s!

    Ever think about getting people to write guest blogs? Nutritionist’s, personal trainers (video demo’s) on strength training in the off season, sports psychologist (mostly for Ricker), Doctors on rehab, any try related etc…

    Smart move on the mobile site!

    Nice job stepping up your game!


  2. Oh yeah and get the RSS feed up there 🙂

  3. Thanks John. Those are great ideas.


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